As the leaves fall

Autumn is a fan favorite.  Especially living in an area of the country where fall can been seen, felt, and heard.  The crisp feeling in the air, the majestic colors hurting from the changing of the leaves, the that smell of freshest is s and promise, and the crinkly of leaves and branches crunching under each step.  Fall is full of cute boots, snugly sweaters and cardigans, and tasty apple cider.  Fall, fall, fall arguably the best season.  Like all good things it must come with a price. The price for enjoying autumn and all of its glory is the leaves.  To be more specific the raking of those leaves.  Ugh!  To most, if not all, this is the worst parth3BGA0ZILt of the entire season.

Is there any way to make this part enjoyable?  Raking leaves can be a fun time right?  Obviousouly it sounds like an oxymoron-raking leaves and fun.  For those not under the age of ten it is nothing but a chore.  The only comfort that can be taken is at least its not snow.

After some digging and creative thinking a list was compiled of five ways to make raking leaves this fall fun.  That’s right FUN!  Full of laughter and joy.  Who knows it may be the most anticipated time after trying out a few of these suggestion.  One can never know.  Here it is few creative ways to make raking leaves an extravaganza!


Birthday parties, holiday parties, Super Bowl parties, graduation parties… leaf raking party?   Yes!  Why not?  In this society everything is celebrated no matter how big, small, or non exisitence the achievement is, it is and will be celebrated with gusto!  Now its time to include raking of the leaves.  A few rakes, some food, warm beverages, and a crowd.  With everyone around and sharing the work, the time should fly.  Rather it takes all night or one hour who cares?   Its a party, have fun!  Make it last night and end the evening with a warm and welcoming bonfire with s’mores and fire roasted hot dogs.


Regardless of a person is six or sixty years old everyone loves a great game.  Create a  maze or obstacle from the leaves raked.  Another opiotn make it into a race.  Yup, that’s right a race,  who can rake the highest pile of leaves within a set time.  Or a classic who can rake the quickest.  Any of these suggestions would make a great way to spend a Saturday, turning a chore into an event.


This may very well be more for efficiency than anything else.  Instead of raking leaves from one side of the yard to the curb or whatever, use a large sheet or tarp and have the leaves raked onto the tarp or sheet.  Then it can be easily carried to wherever.  This is great with kids.  They can rake a large pile of leaves onto the sheet or tarp.  Then they can jump and play in ti for however long.  When their done simply have them drag the sheet to the curb.  Any stray leaves can be quickly raked back into the pile.

As the leaves begin to fall and pile up it is not acceptable to look at them and smile.  Imaging the good times and special moments those leaves will be the background to at the next LEAF RAKING FESTIVITIES!

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