Baby on Board

thCACMDBNZThere is nothing like having a baby in the house. It is the weirdest thing ever. To have gone your entire life with the sounds and antics of a newborn. Then one day its thrust open and there is nothing you can do except accept it and move on. The cries, poop, the midnight feedings it is just so much…it really can be overwhelming.

The first time, really the first six months if I am being honest, I was alone with my baby in my house after delivering was by far the greatest and scariest moment in my life. He cried and cried. In addition, me without a clue as to what to do. How I wished he would just tell me what he wanted then we all could go to sleep happy and peacefully. More importantly, the crying and screaming would have ceased. Oh well. Babies are not born with that ability.

What if they could speak? Would if as soon as a child burst through its mother birth canal it spoke?   I think there are many parents that would be greatly relief by that; I know I would have been.

Like with most things it gets better with age. As the baby grew, we did as well. We learn to differentiate between each cry; we were able to put him on a bath schedule. Which was the best thing ever. It is, as he knew as soon as he was finished in his little tub that it was bedtime. In addition, the feeding time was eventually panned all the way out. It was wonderful. Almost easy.

Too bad it took almost seven months for us to get to that point. Up until then it, my house was a mad house. One hundred percent chaos. I was not sleeping, the baby was not sleeping, nothing was done, and for the first time in my life, my house was dirty. A real mess. Bless my husband heart he was so patient through the entire thing. When he did not have to work, he was at home helping me. When he was at work, he would periodically call and check on us. Oh and he would talk to the baby over the phone. For whatever reason our son loved his voice.

It did not matter if he had been hollering for an hour as soon as he heard my husband voice he immediately became hushed. I was so exhausted most of the time that I did not even think to be jealous our wonder what exactly what it was he prefer about my husband then me. Whatever worked, that what I was about.

Then about a year and a half later without even trying here comes the next one. This time it is a girl. My beautiful baby girl. She was so precious. With her long curly hair, dimple on her right cheek, and beautiful grayish brown eyes. Until she was hungry, or sleepy or just whatever. Then she was a loud screaming unlosable bundle. It seem she was a little more work than her older brother was.   The only thing I can say is that did not last as long as it did with her brother.

After the first few weeks, it was smooth sailing.

As I said there is nothing like having a baby in the house. I still am amazed at how such a small thing can demand so much from the people around it.

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