Almost the Best Summer Ever

thRN9XZMK6Savannah Tree Service saved my life! If you are ever in the need for some great quality, tree service make them your first call. You will not regret it!

For years, I have been telling myself to have a particular oak tree that is in front of my house removed. It is so closed to my house and my neighbor house that if something were to happen to it, the damage that can come from that would be devastating. Like so many others things around the house I kept saying tomorrow, tomorrow. With family, work, and everything thing else I just could never seem to find the time. Which is crazy because it is not as if I was going to go out there and cut this massive tree down. I may be a lot things but I know my limits. As I said, it was just one of those things that I kept putting off. Well, let me tell you, I sure did pay for it in a big way.

In the summer, we always have these crazy storms. With the works. High winds, heavy rain, lightening, thunder, and every so often there is a tornado spotting. It seems these tornado spotting are happening more and more frequently as time moves along.

This particular summer it seems like we may have exceeded our limits of storms. Since summer began my town, and those neighboring towns, had not experience one day of bad weather. Heck, even the heat was not too bad this summer. The temperature never climbed higher than eighty-seven degrees. Every day was beautiful sunshine, clear blue skies, and gentle breezes. It was unheard of, something that has not happen in more than a hundred years. The weathermen was even joking that they may lose their jobs because there was never anything to report. Just the same, weather every day.

As we near the end of summer and back to school time, we were hit. This storm was on a mission to make up for every great and gentle day we had this summer.

The day started out like any other day. Beautiful sunshine with a slight easterly wind. To look outside it was as if nothing in the world could go wrong. Except, maybe, you put a little too much sugar in your ice tea!

As I pulled into my driveway, I saw that tree and automatically thought of calling a tree service company and schedule a time to have it removed. Then I heard the ice scream truck’s music and spotted him a couple of houses down. I immediately had a taste for a banana split. Forgetting all about that tree I stood near the curb waiting for the ice cream man to make it down to my house.

As I sat in my house, reading my newspaper, I heard what sounded like sirens.   In fact, it sounded just like the siren that is used for bad weather. As I turn on the television, I hear a large crack. I turn to look out to where I heard the noise.

That tree that large oak tree in front of my house it was struck by lightning. Twice! The lightening caused a branch to break off. It fell across my driveway narrowly missing my car and my neighbor’s house. In addition, just like that the sirens had turn off, as I am making my way outside to take in the total damage I hear my television set say that a major storm had just passed by. That there may be some minor activity but nothing to worry about.

Thankful that nothing else was headed our way I immediately called Savannah Tree Service. They were able to fit me in today. By that night, they had removed the branch that fell across my driveway, and they took care of the rest of the tree. Ensuring that I no longer have to worry about something like this happening again.


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