My Crafty Life

thKA1PU4NEI fancy myself a creative genius of sorts. My middle name should be do it yourself. My favorite app? Pinterest of course. Last week when I decided, I would learn how to arm knit a blanket for my husband. After checking out all those posts on Pinterest and YouTube videos, it seem like a breeze. Definitely easier than learning how to actually knit with needles. After visiting my local arts and craft store, deciding on some super cute gray, white, and purple chunky yarn I was ready. In addition, ever so excited to present my husband with his super cozy and warm blanket. In my head, I was thinking this would be a breeze, so much so, I consider returning to the store to get more yarn. I knew this would be so easy that I would have time to make one or two more. In the end my innate lazy kept me at home.

I found the YouTube I saved to my watch list, took all of my yarn out of their packaging, got comfortable on the couch and pressed play. First, it said to use three yarn balls so that you get the right amount of chunkiness in the blanket. Otherwise, you will end up with a long scarf. Ok, that makes since, I took three of the yarn spools and twist the yarns together a little bit. That was easy enough.

After that, the video instructed to leave a long piece at one end called the tail then to cast on onto your arm. This is simply done by making a slipknot and passing it onto your arm. Making sure to allow it to hang loosely around it. Continue with these loops on your arm until you have twenty or so loops, hanging loosely of course. Bear in mind that eventually the other arm will have to pass through these loops. Now here comes the tricky part. Passing one from one arm to the next, essentially the actual knitting.

The first like seven “knits” went great. As I continued, my cat started playing with the yarn and eventually he jumped into the pile I had in between my feet. As I am trying to untangle my beloved feline, the yarn has somehow wound itself around my feet and arms. I had hog tied myself with yarn. IF you do not know what hog-tying is, just think of one of those old cowboy films. Then the cowboy is on his horse herding the cattle along and he throws a lasso around one of the young calf.   After he has the young cow securely bound in the rope, he will take the rope and wrap it around the four legs making the calf immobile.

This is what I did to myself. I try to stand up in hopes of reaching my scissors across the room, but I tumble over unable to move. Here I am laying on my living room floor, yarn all over the place, feet and hands bound, and my adorable cat has left me to chase a fly upstairs. My husband was away at work and I was not expecting him home for another three hours.

Like any independent and resourceful woman of the twenty first century, I did the only thing I could do…patiently wait for my husband to come home.

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