Lilly Alexis

th (3)Hello there, I am Lilly Alexis.  I am the youngest of nine kids.  In fact all my other siblings are boys, so that makes me the ninth child after a sea of testosterone!  I am very close to my brothers and my parents as well.  Every Friday we get together at our parents house and enjoy a meal together and family time.  Its great being there will all my nieces and nephews, the chaos, and noise.  Mostly because it makes me cherish the moments I have alone all the more.

I live alone in a lovely, quaint, lavender bungalow style home.  Well, I am not exactly alone I also live with my three hermit crabs Lester, Chester, and Earl. They are hilarious. I would love to be able have a cat or something but I’m so busy as it is that I’m afraid that I would not be able to spend the kind of time needed to have such a pet.

I am in currently in  pursuit of  my masters in English Literature.  I spend a lot of my time either at the university or the library.  I also work as a consultant, writer, and website designer.  If you can’t find me there is a good chance that I am at school or the library.  If I am working  I like writing and designing at different localities such as a coffee shop, the tea room, at the park, or in the mall.  I think the noise and the hustle and bustle inspires me.

Yes I am a jack of all trades.  I think I get it from my father.  The man is sixty three years and has five businesses he runs, successfully.  He and the Global Economy made me realize that it not smart to put all your eggs in one basket.  This is why I work for myself and I do multiple different type of work.  Each can segment one another.

I also volunteer at the community garden and teach classes on canning foods and the importance on eating local at the community garden’s workshops.  Someday I have to change the world one plate at a time.

For fun I like to listen to poetry, ride my motorcycle, and paint in watercolors.  Someday I will like to have a family, if I listen to my mother it will be tomorrow.  My mom is crazy; that woman knows she wants a million grandkids.  I keep telling her she has seventeen grandkids already she can wait on a few more.  But we all know how mothers can be at times.

This is just a little snippet about me.  If you would like to know more about me or have you have any question just click here and you will be taken to my contact page.