Take it easy

th8ZJBS9PJAfter the rough week I had last week I cannot wait for a little break this weekend. Every moment I had last week was occupied with stuff that I had to do, no free time or easy breezy time. I remember when all I have is time, now it seems that I am scraping the bottom of the barrel and still coming up short. I do not think I slept more three hours at any given time. What can I say; I could not afford to sleep, not with everything going on. Nevertheless, the weekend is just a few days away. That means going out of town, so what if it is just Ohio, it is still a break from my everyday life. Whatever. I will take it and relish in it

The only downfall is that when I come back I will be right where I left. Back to square one, until God knows when I will have another break. I do not know how long I can continue living my life like this. Its time for a change. It is time to better management for my time. There has to be a way to optimize each day, each hour, each minute and if I can each millisecond.

If you are like me and time management is your dragon here are a few tools that I found useful in slaying that dragon.

What I have learned after this exhausting that I feel has benefited my life immensely, that I feel will benefit yours as well? Well here it is, enjoy it. You read right, enjoy it. Relax and go with the flow, there are so many people in the world that are unable to a portion of your day. Feel lucky that you can and you do it so well. I know I do.

So many people are living a harder life, with little to no advantage to speak of, and I want to complain because people need me? People want to see me. I am learning and growing, with ease. What I do takes time but it is not hard. I do not have callous on my hands or am I constantly worried that someone will harm me. All in all my life is easy.

I take it a day at a time, count my blessings, and pray the next day will be better, that I will do better. I have realize that I am more often than not. What more can a person ask for than that.   If there is anything else than I do not know about it, I am not sure I need to know about it either. I am content and I am happy, that is enough for me. When I’m learning new skills like learning how to setup your own blog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEfzxIYrvEk

I know you were probably some mumble jumble on how to micro manage your life, in my experience all that causes is more stress. What do you do if life throws you a curveball and completely overturn your schedule? Have a breakdown, at least that I used to do, become frustrated and shut down. Now I subscribe to the do not sweat the small stuff doctrine. I have to say that it has improved and completely transform my life. I enjoy my breaks but I also enjoy the time I spend engaged and challenged. The balanced of the two is what keeps me afloat.

Don’t fight it. Accept the bumps along the road of life. If you never experience hardship can you truly appreciate the ease? I don’t think so.

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