The Great Storm

thIB2H04KIWind, rain, hail, and sleet oh my! This week was the week from hell. The storms we experience was something to go down in the history books. By far one of the worst storms I have ever experience that is for sure.

It started the howling and hurling winds. It was crazy and scary. Especially during this time of year when we are so use to having to worry about snow, not summer like storms. Some parts of the Midwest even experienced tornadoes along with hail, rain, and sleet. I guess you can say my area was lucky, no tornadoes, YAY!

However, with winds exceeding fifty miles per hour winds, some people felt as though a tornado actually touched down. In fact, my neighbor and I were talking and he swears that he saw a funnel. I don’t think he did, but who am I to argue? I am no meteorologist.

Then there was the all the things falling from the sky. Golf ball size hail, freezing rains, and slushy sleet. Just disgusting weather. All I could think about is my car windshield shattering into a million pieces due to the hail or something flying across the yard, like a branch or something. For two days, we experience the rain, hail, and sleet. Off and on for two whole days.

My cousin that lives in the next town over did have some damage done to her house. The wind snapped one of the frozen branches from the tree in her front yard and blew it into her front picture window. She woke up to shattering of glass and howling winds. She was terrified to say the least.

To make matters worse the almost the entire county was without power. The high winds knocked out power lines and transformer boxes all over the county. It is so crucial that the business that normally services our area had to bring in utility workers from all over the country. In a desperate effort to quickly and efficiently restore everyone power.

To top it all off during all of this I lost my lucky nickel and my lucky sweater. Yes, this was not the best week in my life.

After the winds died out and all the crazy weather pass on through, I made my way over to my cousin’s house to look in on her. She and a few of her helpful neighbors were able to remove the branches from her living room. Now she was waiting on the tree service Huntsville team to come and take the tree’s trunk out of the living room. As well, as remove the rest of the tree that was still stuck into the ground.

While she is waiting, her home insurance is relocating her to a nice hotel where she will stay until the tree is removed and her house is repaired. She ask me to stay with her (-she has issues with being alone in strange places). Never one to turn down access to a Jacuzzi tub and indoor swimming pool I agree to stay with her.

That was my week, even as I am typing this I am sitting in the hotel’s restaurant. Having lunch and sipping on a delicious iced mint tea. What can I say all well that ends well? I suppose it could always be worst, right. Now I am patiently waiting on my cousin to be able to return to her house and the tree service business to take care of a few limbs that fell around my home.

What a storm I do not think I will ever forget this. It was one to go down in the history books. I know my cousin will remember this for the rest of her life.

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